Didactic Material

The project “SHS – SIMPLE ROOM SOLUTION: BUILDING UP AFTER DISASTER AND CONFLICT” is an academic initiative and was organized in the form of a course aimed at presenting knowledge with the potential to facilitate the (re) construction process in situations of disasters and conflicts . The idea is to help communities that are victims of disasters and conflicts to better organize themselves by their own recovery, with the guidance and supervision of qualified technical assistants (engineers and / or architects to be hired by these ends, without any linkage or interference of the project creators). The material available can also be used in research and academic studies by students, teachers and technicians interested in the topics addressed, aiming at its improvement, as long as the source is mentioned.

The SHS Project didactic material consists of slides, video classes, calculation memorials, worksheets and drawings related to the construction of popular low-cost houses, organization of housing projects and administration of the construction. It should be noted, however, that the didactic material of the SHS Project was not developed to be applied automatically in any specific real situation, so that its users must evaluate its applicability on a case-by-case basis and be responsible for its use, regardless of the circumstances.

Here are available the SHS Project handouts, which have been organized from video classes slides along three axes: engineering and architecture projects, joint management, and soil-cement technology. As for the drawings and memorials that make up the engineering and architectural projects of the SHS Project buildings, these were organized according to specialties: architecture, construction site, structures / masonry, electrical installations, water and sewer installations and urbanization.

As the content of the project is not conclusive but rather propositive and is in permanent evolution, the project team of the SHS Project asks the possible users of the project to report in the menu Tell your Experience the experiences about its use, so that it is possible to improve of the material.