Equipe – EN


PHASE 1 (2010-2012)

The project team at this stage was coordinated by Professor Leandro Torres Di Gregorio and composed of 15 professionals belonging to organizations of various specialties:

  • Architectural project team - professionals from Infanti Engenharia Ltda.
  • Engineering projects team - professionals from Interpro Gerência de Projetos Ltda. ME.
  • Collaborative work effort team - consultant professors of Universidade Federal Fluminense and professionals of the company Interpro Gerência de Projetos Ltda. ME.
  • Disasters team - Civil Defense professionals from the State of Rio de Janeiro and professionals from Interpro Gerência de Projetos Ltda. ME.
  • General technical support team - professionals of the company Lema Engenharia S / S ME, in addition to autonomous collaborators in several areas of the project.

  • PHASE 2 (2017)

    This phase of the SHS Project had a multidisciplinary team composed of about 90 volunteers, being:

  • 15 professors from different units of UFRJ (Escola Politécnica of UFRJ, Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo of UFRJ, UFRJ Macaé, COPPE UFRJ and 2 administrative technicians);
  • About 75 graduation students of UFRJ (Civil Engineering course, Architecture and Urbanism course, Oceanic Engineering course, Chemical Engineering course, Languages Portuguese-English course, Languages Portuguese-French course and Languages Portuguese-Spanish course);
  • Collaboration of graduate students and civil engineers egresses of UFRJ.

  • The team was organized in work groups, each one with at least an orienting professor, structured as follows: